Start small 

 & Expand 

   & Expand 

      & Expand...


Grows in size as your pet does.

Unlimited expandability in all dimensions.

Incredibly versatile with unlimited configurations.

Pet Birds

Provide your pet bird with the freedom to do what it naturally loves to do - FLY!!!


Create an environment that is perfectly
suited for your small reptilian friend.

Small Mammals

Infinitely expandable to give your small furry friend plenty of places to run and hide.

Live Plants

Surround your pet with live plants to help recreate a natural environment.

  • The Expandable Universe can be expanded in any direction - Up/Down, Left/Right, and Front/Back.

  • Large interior spaces can be created within the walls of the life space.  Spaces so large that even you could sit inside!

  • No other habitat allows you to house birds, reptiles, small mammals, and plants all in the same enclosure safely at the same time.

Expandable Universe and Funtastic Pets are Trademarks of Funtastic Goods, LLC