Nearly seven years in development, the Expandable Universe is a totally new approach to housing plants and small pets.  It is the world's first truly expandable life space.  No other habitat offers as much flexibility or freedom.  The Expandable Universe is as limitless as your imagination!
Steve Silverman
Inventor & Designer

Steve has been a lifelong inventor. The Expandable Universe originally started with the goal of designing a collapsable hermit crab cage that could be shipped safely through the mail. From this initial simple goal, the Expandable Universe was born.


His hobbies include woodworking, writing, and reading. He has authored three books and his Useless Information Podcast is among the world's top 0.5% of all podcasts. Steve is an aquarium, hermit crab, and cat person. 

Gary Silverman
Pet Specialist

Gary has spent nearly his entire life involved in various aspects of the pet business. Starting as a teenager by working in his parents' pet shop and then ultimately launching a successful online pet business, Gary has gained an in-depth knowledge on the care of nearly every pet. 


He loves gardening, spending time with this family, and offering his assistance to those in need. Gary is a dog person but does have a cornucopia of additional pets that he cares for. 


Mary Jane Guidon
International Sales

Mary Jane has spent a large portion of her life traveling around the world. Born in upstate New York, her love for world languages and culture has led her to spend years living in Europe and Central America. Mary Jane speaks fluent French and Spanish. 


She currently lives in upstate New York. Raised on a large rural farm, Mary Jane has a love for all animals and the outdoors.  She is an avid swimmer.